Visit our Cottages

Book your overnight accommodations in one of our charming cottages. Nestled in the heart of Rip Van Winkle Gardens you'll find the most charming Acadian cottages that have ever been opened to overnight guests. With approximately 15 acres of semi tropical paradise for your backyard, you'll feel transported back to a time when Southern hospitality was its finest.

About the Servant's Quarters & Cook's Cottage

The Servants Quarters, Cottages 1 & 2, were built in 1870 by Joseph Jefferson who also built his Victorian style home around the same time . Cook's Cottage was built in 1925 by J. Lyles Bayless Sr., who purchased the property from the Jefferson heirs in 1917. This cottage was to serve as a home for the cook who prepared meals for employees of the Jefferson Island Salt mine, which was 1300 feet below Jefferson Island.